To help you make your own decision about when and where to start traveling again, we’ve curated the most important COVID-19 travel information into one reliable resource called Book with Confidence.

Available to you at no extra cost, Book with Confidence has two major benefits:

  • The Vacation Health and Safety Guide: 57 pages of tips and resources about every step of a trip and how to minimize the risks. This includes practical tips such as:

    • Health Supplies to Bring with You

    • Ranking the Most Effective Mask Types

    • Finding Nearby COVID-19 Tests

    • Best Place to Sit on an Airplane

    • Lowering Risk at the Beach and Pool

    • Entertainment Venues to Avoid  


  • The Vacation Health and Safety Checklist: A customized list documenting all the health and safety protocols you will experience along your journey. This includes:

    • Entry Requirements at your Destination (e.g. PCR COVID-19 tests, proof of insurance, contract tracing app)

    • What Travel Insurance Generally Covers & Doesn’t Cover

    • Where Masks are Required for Guests and Employees

    • Are High Touch Surfaces being Frequently Disinfected

    • Availability of Services via No Contact Phone App

    • What to do when you Return Home

When you are ready to travel, we know many places that are safely welcoming guests now.  Book your complimentary 30 minute Vacation Planning Session held over the phone now by using my online scheduler to find a time that's convenient for you.

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