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  • Brian Whitacre

The Next Best Way To Stay Connected

We hear a lot about how technology separates people today. You sit on a bus or in a coffee shop, and well over half the people have their heads down, absorbed in whatever is happening on the small screens in front of them. Or you hear about how when technology does “connect” people, it’s often not a genuine kind of connection. We post the highlights of our lives on Facebook and skim the surface of things in sound-bite texts and on Twitter.

But what if a simple app could actually help you reach out to someone in a very tangible way?

As we are in full swing of summer vacations, I think it’s a great time to introduce you to Postagram. This is a free app that you can use on your computer, or download to your iPhone or Android phone, and it allows you to use your photos and send postcards to anyone in the world — not digital cards, but actual printed, glossy, high-resolution, happy-surprise-in-your-mailbox printed postcards.

Here’s how it works:

• From your desktop or phone, launch the Postagram website or app.

• Select a photo from your computer, phone, Facebook, or Instagram account.

• Write a personalized note on the postcard.

• Select or enter the name and address of the desired recipient(s).

• And once you’ve set up your free account, you just click Send, and your postcard is created and delivered in 2-3 days for just $2 in the US.

That’s it! 2 dollars! Postcards sent outside the US are $3 and take a little longer to arrive — 2-5 business days for Canada and Europe and longer for other international destinations — but still a steal for sending a high-quality print item that is so personal.

Another great feature is that the printed image is removable via perforated edges. It just pops out and can be refrigerator or frame-ready as a 3x3 photo.

There are a couple of things that I think are so cool about this application. One is the easy, super-fast process. It took me about five minutes to send my first postcard, and that included setting up an account; subsequent postcards take about 2-3 minutes from start to finish. The second is the wide variety of ways in which it can be used when you want to make a more personal connection with someone:

• They can be a quirky, creative, inexpensive announcement or invitation. Or a simple and romantic love note.

• You can be on vacation, take a gorgeous shot of your kids enjoying the day, and when you get back to the hotel — or even right there if you’re connected to the internet — you can send a “wish you were here” card to relatives or friends back home.

• You can use them as customized personal thank-yous, with a photo of you enjoying the gift someone gave you, or as a thank-you from a business to your clients/customers.

• They’re a great way to send birthday wishes or just let someone know you’re thinking about them.

It’s true that we struggle at times to connect with others, and we sometimes feel too busy with our technology-stuffed lives to send a card. But it seems like the creators of Postagram knew that — and they put their heads into finding a fun, creative high-tech solution.

Isn’t it time you started planning your next worth-writing-home-about adventure? Click here to schedule a complimentary “UK/Ireland Trip Planning Session” with me today and let’s find you somewhere fantastic to send Postagrams from!

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